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Need for Speed Underground 2: The way its meant to be played.

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Finally I got a chance and had myself a break. I got a chance to actually play this game since my 6800GT SLI setup. However I was never able to play at these settings on my 6800GT SLI setup. My 7800GTX SLI setup just spreads its wings though.

Maximum Detail @ 1600x1200 resolution

4xAA (Transparent MultiSampling) 16x Anisotropic Filtering.

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Nice shots. Yea this game sure is a little hog. How about some FRAPS videos? :eek:nthepull
loved the first one, this one i didn't like the way you had to go look for everything. Always got sidetracked or lost. The races didn't really seem like well thought out race tracks either. Nice Shots Though.
Ya as for the game the first one got me addicted for a few weeks without putting it down! This one was more like a few days. There were more things that pissed me off than I liked it seemed.
My main issue with the first one was that the traffic was absolutely unpredictable and in a way frustratingly unfair. The traffic was tweaked and improved quite a bit in the second IMO.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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