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Need for Speed (3DO)

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Using the FreeDo emulator, I have been mucking around with a few games, it's amazing how cheesy the videos are in this game :D
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CKemu said:
Yeah, this one has cops, but they are insanely easy to shake :D Infact this game is really cheesy, you get some David Hasselhoff wannabe laughing at you if you loose, and some babe badly acting when you win :D
I've only played the PC version of NFS, but it's really nice to see someone posting pics of lesser known emus (I remember someone mention Rise of the Robots, or something, for the Philips CDi - I think it was you :D).

Btw, I'm really interested to know if Star Control 2 plays any good on FreeDo.
I'd appreciate any info... :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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