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So, I'm trying to rip some audio from the game Um Jammer Lammy using jpsxdec, and I'm specifically looking for the audio files for some of the game's voice lines.

During a stage, while the main stage's song is playing, there are voice lines that can be activated depending on the player's performance, but they're separate from the songs themselves. I'm looking for those lines specifically.

I looked through the entire game's file for those specific audio files, but the only thing I could find were the game's songs, and the audio from the game's cutscenes, which were attached directly to the videos for the cutscenes.

I looked everywhere but there were no other audio files. Gonna be honest I don't really get where else the voice lines I'm looking for could be, unless there's something I'm missing.

I don't know exactly how anyone here could help other than downloading jpsxdec and the game's ROM, which is a lot to ask, but unfortunately I suffer from extreme stupidity.

Unless there's some other issue I'm not aware of.

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks
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