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First off im using a mac 10.5.8

so im using the pcsx have all the plug ins have all the bios, the games runs, but not the way it should do

i downloaded this off two different sites so i dont think its the game itself i tried mounting it no difference

heres the problem, when i run the game it all starts good till it gets to the opening screen, when abe pops his head out but you can say a multi reflection following him

then i started to play this is going to be hard to explain, when jump with him i see the multi reflection behind him and it doesn't go basically any sudden moves its like seen the past actions in the game

when i die and start again a flash happens, but it does not go it outlines the screen and stays there i hope you understand what im saying and have the perfect solution, the gameplay works perfect its just the graphics

please help thanks

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If it's the graphics, try with another graphics plugin configuration.
I'm not sure what you can use on the mac version, but try to look for opengl plugins.

Btw be careful with what you say, we don't support piracy here.
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