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Hello there,
I've always been quite of a pc player. I've kept a crappy TV until now. I just bought a 4k smart tv and I was considering to come back to the console world, after having left it since the 360. (I still have +/- 40 games and the 360 itself which is becoming to slow down quite a lot).
I was wondering if I should buy the One S, X the PS4 or the PS4 pro but I can't decide which one is the best... Or the most suitable for me.
Considering the games themselves, the exclusives are interesting on both platforms, I was used to Gears of Wars and Halo on
Xbox but I also miss MGS from my old PS1 and I'd like to try Uncharted and The last of us.
Concerning the graphics I was wondering whether it could be interesting to buy the X or the pro to benefit from the 4k.
About my budget I thought of buying the S or the PS4 new or the X or the Pro second hand.
I'd like to buy the console (possibly with 1-2 games) for a maximum budget of 250€.
What's your opinion?
Thanks a lot for your time
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