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Uhm, no, I definitely wasn't drunk when I designed NGEmu (or does it look that bad? ;)). The header font is called "Liberal", I got it from a friend 2 years back, used it for the good ol' PSXEmu logo (you might remember it), and decided to use it again but this time for NGEmu's headers. If you want, I could mail it to ya, as long as you don't copy NGEmu too much, hehe ;)

I got most of my fonts from sites such as <a href="">DeviantArt</a> and <a href="">Famous Fonts</a>, both have some excellent fonts which could be used for both art and webdesign. I also got several from <a href="">CubaDust</a>, but unfortunately they don't seem to offer them anymore. Most of these fonts are also very suitable at small sizes, so take it a shot.. I prefer those kinds of sites, since I just detest all those "1000+ FONTS FOR FREE!!!" sites of which 990 are just rubbish, or not what you're looking for.
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