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people i need a bit of help in solar energy thing,i am doing a project on it and i wanna know a few basic things(i have searched on the net,the thing is different on every web page i visit).so i guess if some of you guys are in the solar industry or are doing a project on it...i could use ur help.(well there are not many people in collg that are doing a project on this solar thing and i am doing this project externally ie without much involvement of the collg so i cant take professors help)

below are the things i wanna know,
1.Size of a general standard solar module(in any units)

2.power generated in the standard size...(experimental power not the theoretical one)(would love to get the data in watts tho :p)

3.any info on the battery aprt attached to the solar module...are there any special kinda of batteries with special volt ratings etc that are needed for em..

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Make the battery a 75 Ah, or shot two 75 Ah in tandem., and the photovoltaic will need to be...first off how long will you run the setup? 1hp equals roughly 745 watts. So accounting that, the solar panel will have to be in perpetual sunlight for recharging and discharging.

Again, how long will you run this setup?
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