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Necessary BIOS Files...rly necessary?

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i just wanted to ask if all the BIOS files are rly needed, i mean:
rom1.bin, rom2.bin, erom.bin, scph-xxxxx.bin, scph-xxxx.nvm

I got the schp and rom1, the nvm one is created when you configure the BIOS, setting the time, calendar and such, so i got it too. And rom2.bin as in the guide says its a kinda only for Chinese PS2s, so not really needed.

So i want to know if i am good to go, or i need that rom2.bin file and/or the erom.bin?

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Well If you want to have all 4 of them, you can now do it! with the new dumping program that they placed up on the pcsx2 website. plus you also get your .nvm file too, still not sure if it will affect anything though ;)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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