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i just wanted to ask if all the BIOS files are rly needed, i mean:
rom1.bin, rom2.bin, erom.bin, scph-xxxxx.bin, scph-xxxx.nvm

I got the schp and rom1, the nvm one is created when you configure the BIOS, setting the time, calendar and such, so i got it too. And rom2.bin as in the guide says its a kinda only for Chinese PS2s, so not really needed.

So i want to know if i am good to go, or i need that rom2.bin file and/or the erom.bin?


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Ok a quick explanation of what is needed or not.

*.BIN = is the actual BIOS (should be about 4mb) and is required to run pcsx2.
*.NVM = is created by pcsx2 if one doesnt already exist. But due to some of the functions in a ps2 obtain data from the NVM it is best to have one from a real PS2 but it is not needed.
*.ROM1 = is the secondary BIOS file. Even thought most things will work , the bios also requests certain information from this ROM. Not required to get pcsx2 to work.
*.ROM2 = I dont know anyone who has this but it seems to be only required in Chinese BIOS'. This ROM probably only contains Fonts for Chinese Language. But as I have never seen it I cant be sure.
*.EROM = This contains all the encrypted data ie. DVD Player. Not required to run pcsx2. Not supported fully by pcsx2 and chances are never will be but is in there for the off chance that it gets implemented.

Hopefully that will explain the situation with the BIOS and ROMs etc. Soon to follow will be a dumper if you have access to a PS2 with NA and able to run ps2link on your ps2.


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anything said:
how do you connect bios to your computer
asking the same question twice, im sure its against the general forum rules, read the other thread
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