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nec mitsubishe multisync FE1250+ ?

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Hey all i have just acquired a 21 inch multisync mitsubishi monitor from the 199$ computer store for 136$ and was wondering which resolution should be better so my eyes won't hurt,1024x768 or 1200x1024.So far i am ver impressed with this monitor even though it's used an i love the size:).
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use as high as you can get whilst still maintaining whatever hz you like. personally im fine with 75hz...but i prefer 85 or 100.
yep, what hushy said. try to aim for 85hz or more imho. doing some research on good old google, i found that that monitor supports 85 hz at 1600 x 1200 (its the recommended resolution for that monitor) ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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