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Anyways.. Get it at:

here is what's new:

AT LAST!!! Fixed the nasty bug that caused nebula to hang with a plain color screen (red/blue/black). As a result of this fix drawing operations are slightly faster.
Added starfield emulation in strider and forgottn.
Fixed forgotten worlds shop bug.
Fixed sprite flickering in many games (dino, strider, etc).
Fixed bad tiles in some games (3wonders, unsquad, etc).
Fixed sprite palette desyncs (3wonders golem tree).
Fixed Daimakaimura black screen.
Fixed dinoj and punishj crash.
Fixed sound hanging in most games.
Improved ADPCM decoding, no more sound distortion.
New GFX drawing engine, slightly faster than before.
With all those fixes, CPS1 emulation is almost 100% complete. Please, report the bugs you find.
New GFX drawing engine, slightly faster than before.
Added Rockman region and cheats (sorry, I forgot to include it in the previous release).
Added movie recording for all systems. Use the in-game menus or keys SHIFT-F10 Rec Movie, SHIFT-F11 Play Movie. Press either while recording or playing to stop.
Fixed sound config lost when going to the game GUI.
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