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hello. i have been trying every NDS emu i can find on the net, many old and new ones/versions. i have been trying to find one that will work well for me, but i am not finding a very good middleground between them. i have an older computer, but it should (IMO) be able to emulate NDS fine, but im not getting great results s thusfar.

i have tried all these:

iDeaS - decent (says 37FPS but seems to run good and bad)
iDeaS - the same ^
iDeaS - decent (says 57FPS, but plays like its in slow motion)
Dualis - bad for obvious reasons
DeSmuME 0.8.0b1 - slow
DeSmuME 0.9.4 - much better than 0.8, but plays like slow-mo
No$GBA 2.6a - runs good, but gets jerky alot (not slo-mo, stuttery)
NeonDS - best i have tried, runs smooth (but has no sound and GFX bugs)

now as u can see, i have the best luck with the two emus that are old and outdated. if No$GBA was updated to have clear-quality sound and a built in magnifier, and ran smooth, id be happy with it. but it seems the guy just stopped developing it long ago. and if NeonDS had sound, was updated (to support more ROMS, saves, and didnt crash), i would be happy with it.

but unfortunately, the only two surviving emus today are iDeaS and DeSmuME, both of which run slow for me. i have noticed that DeSmuME has been optimized to work best for Dual-Cores, and i have only 1 core, so it hates my PC and runs slow. i have tried all the settings for Frameskip and CPU Speedup (doesnt seem to do anything), and they dont seem to matter much. the best configuration i have come up with so far for either of these emulators is iDeaS at Frameskip 2 and Optimize CPU Pipelines OFF.. that gets me a decent framerate but like i state above, it says 57FPS, but it just plain runs in slo-mo (not jerky, just slo-mo). also, iDeaS has no sound, just the plugins availible, but they are both obsuredly garbled and just fast and wierd sounding. maybe its my system, but i think its the plugins because they were talked about as very buggy.

anyway, id like to kno if anyone can help me get this emulation going smooth for me.. and if anyone else has a single core like me with smooth performance. please dont post replys saying to upgrade to a dual/quad core, i have no money and if i did id have a new computer by now. please only reply if ur serious and want to help.

Windows XP Professional SP3
Windows 7
Intel Pentium 4 HT 3EGHz 800FSB 1MB
3GB DDR PC3200 Crucial + Corsair XMS Double-Dual Channel
XFX Geforce 8600GT 512mb PCI-e x16
Creative SoundBlaster Live! 24bit
140GB 7200RPM HDD

thanks ;)

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thanks for the reply and link! i didnt even know there were SVN builds of DeSmuME, i thought there were only official builds. anyway, i tried OCin this before but this board dont OC well, and the chip runs hot enough at stock cuz its a Prescott. but i will let u know the results of the build u linked me to!

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Forget overclocking...and I am afraid there is nothing you can really do improve any of the're just stuck with things as they are. No$gba is known for running best on weaker systems such as yours though.

Also it's not that DeSmuME (or any others) are optimised for's that dual-cores are more efficient, so yes they will run better on a Core2Duo system, but they still use only one core, it's just that that one core is a lot more efficient (although DeSmuME recently got some Dual-core optimisations) than it used to be.

So yeah I am afraid other than getting a new system there really is nothing else that can be done to speed up or improve any of the emus.

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overclock is your best bet, i don't know much about how to OC pentium 4, but i heard it overclock like a beast (held the world oc record)
or try the latest unofficial svn compile of desmume here (courtesy of Orlean)
Desmume - Windows Live
iirc it contain some optimization, worth giving a try
Held the record on ln2 (or was it helium? icr)

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If you have done some research on that "so called player", then you will know that it's nothing more than no$gba with some frontend. And iirc, it contains illegal materials (ie. firmware and bios), in which we don't support. Therefore, you shouldn't mention about it in this forum.

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I did my research about it. You are right. It contains illegal materials. I am not surprised.
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