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Natal... the next revolution?

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Hi everyone!

if you remember i was quite pissed in this thread and the reason for that is because MS had the exact same idea as me and almost at the same time.... well now it seems like even Kojima think that Natal is going to be the next big revolution in gaming!!!

does that means that i had one of the greatest ideas to revolutionate gaming but that i was in the wrong position/moment/place to make it real???? if that´s the case than it seems like i have a damn bad luck :(

Here's what Kojima had to say about Project Natal :

" Kojima was absolutely blown away when he saw it. Takahashi claimed that he thought Kojima almost fainted when he saw it "

" Kojima said that he really wanted to be here because he believe in the possibilities of the controller -- he said it has the potential to really change the lifestyle of gamers. he said he wants to use natal in his games, but he's really more excited about seeing how Natal changes the lifestyle habits of gamers "

" Kojima said that Natal is going to raise the bar for game development "

" Kojima said we are going to see the same sort of revolution of going from 2D games to 3D games with the move to Natal "

" Kojima is now talking about how this is going to be a transitional stage -- for example, some gamers might not be able to accept trying to control a driving game with a pretend steering wheel in their hands "

" Kojima said that he wants to do stuff that incorporates all aspects of the Natal -- the camera, the voice, the motion control. He especially loves the face recognition possibilities. he said he would like to make a game kind of like AI "

" Kojima says he would love to use Natal to come out with a completely new game that no one has played before "

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Well, honestly, though... again... PS2 Eyetoy did this many many years ago. :innocent:

Not to imply anything, ruantec, but this technology has been there for a looong time. Even before you or Microsoft even thought about it. If anything, maybe you improved it, and Microsoft would improve it, too... but to say that this is an original idea is a bit... :innocent:
If anything, i think Natal is just the Eyetoy, but with 2 camera's instead of 1.
Its a better more accurate eye toy. Is no revolution. This only works for mini games and only casual gamers will use this. Serious gamers will always choose a pad for almost every genre.
Serious gamers will always choose a pad for almost every genre.
No, serious gamers will always choose a keyboard and mouse.
I don't know about revolution, but I do like the idea and the technology behind the Natal project, however until I try the software implementation and how it utilizes this new tool I will not pass judgment. It does look freakin sweet otherwise.
The revolution came about because of the Wii. Natal and the PS3's motion controller are the bastard children of 'high-end' hardware and stolen ideas. Sure they're like super-children in comparison to their forefathers, but in no way are they revolutionary.

I think the biggest 'revolution' Natal will be bringing is the machine-to-man AI. Milo is by far the most interesting piece of technology that Natal will bring with it.
i hate all this motion crap. its great for the first 3 minutes then its boring as hell and would rather play with a controller.
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