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I am having promblems with this game.. i just downloaded it and i have this green line that is 1 1/2 inches across the screen ... i cant seem to get grid of it.. i have tryed diffrent verisons and plugins but its still wont leave the screen.. it only appears when i start the game off in the race before that its not even there.. and i have a computer that can run these games so i knows its not that problem.. i just want to know has anyone had a problem with this game or maybe i could used a selection of different plugins.. & those with the PJ64 1.4 beta version ... does it run this game and others really smoothly and wicked... and could u write what games kinda plays up! i been hearing that zedla and goldeneye and 1080m plays up.. i found that goldeneye gets alot better within the game.. zedla i havent downloaded and 1080 plays wicked in the 1.2 verison of PJ64..

thanks for ya time!

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