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Hello, I'm currently trying to get Naruto Ultimate ninja 4 working, <as you read>

I'm on a laptop with vista ultimate
2.00ghz x2 processor
i have a Geforce Quadro NVS 110m video card 2 gbs of ram ddr2
i'm using current PCSX2 emu 0.9.6 i believe.

the sound is off slightly an Ecco and in the fighting there is a ecco
the Master mode CS's are slow Sounding and abit of lag
the video is laggy by the sound errors does anyone know which plugins would be best for this problem? An advice on the config
Tyvm in :thumb:

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go to the config of pcsx2 and try to switch your sound plugin

Exemple :

SPU2-X : Interpolation : Linear and module : 2-direct sound

latency : 160ms

work for many games :D

(sorry for my english :p)
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