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Naruto - Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 [G3NJ 1DE1] (JAP)

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Taken with Dolphin 1.03. Fully Playable, and good audio, both music and sound effects are present.
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impressive....from an emulation point-of-view. I still hate naruto :p
Ahh.... Cel-shading is so hawt. And I hate Naruto more than you Kirby.
does it work with dolphin 1.02, btw, is 1.03 out for download?
No propht, 1.03 is not out yet.
There's a dolphin 1.03!? When did I miss the upgrade!? ;_;
If you had read the post above yours carefully, you would know that 1.03 hasn't been released yet :p. Also, please reduce the size of your signature image; it's over 4x the forum limit (25 KB) and is 10 pixels too high.
Not ingame, it's totally playable with dolphin 1.03 beta 1. You can get it at Go to dolphin section. There's also dolphin 1.03 beta 2, but My suggest is use beta 1 because beta 2 is more compatible but slow.
How many FPS did you get with this? I'm interested in GC emu now =P
you can see for yourself look at the screenshots very carfully down on the left you see fps
AFAIK Dave your not mod or admin, so dont go "thread closed". You're only going to confuse the regular members (like you)...

Now i won't close this as it's a pretty screenshot thread. But every off topic messages are now deleted.
*poof* sure the screenshots are great but dont tell me u play a FIGHTING game with 6fps? itll be 2 slow rite?
S Vegeto said:
*poof* sure the screenshots are great but dont tell me u play a FIGHTING game with 6fps? itll be 2 slow rite?
Hey guy, if you want to play GameCube games with perfect speed, use your GameCube:p This emulator is not completed at the moment;)
no thats not what i meant. i dont want perfect speed. all im asking is that is it possible to play a fighting game with 6 fps? if so please tell me. then i will.
well yeah 6FPS is too slow. (unless you really have no life and just lots of time to waste...)

for a game to be somewhat "playable", it should at least run at 25-30FPS (IMO)
*sigh* and to think that even gcemu doesnt work bcoz of some stupid "missing render-texture extension....."
Why don't you tell us the plugins and settings they are on you use?
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