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Napple Tale - Arsia in Daydream (J)

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This is a weird gem from Japan, best way of describing it is a 2.5D RPG Platformer. You play as Alisia, a 13 year old girl, that was meant to be going to a summer festival with her friends, but she bumps into some weird character as she was running late, and (don't ask how, I can't translate it all) ends up in some kind of fairy tale land, where she must get 6(?) petals of her memorys in order to get back to her world. Very much Alice in wonderland.

There are some loverly voice overs in this game, and some songs (eek). You need zwrite with this game, but still there are many weird glitches present, and 'garbled' textures in some menus. Video sound is distorted, and some objects will vanish.

Haven't played it far, as it's all in japanese, and my japanese is very weak, rather entertaining, and I dare say with abit of guess work you could get through it okay, very cutesy, and very strange characters (a tree as a vicar, frog on some kind of scooter etc), simple classic wack and bash combat. Enjoy the shots below!
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For some reason when I first saw this I was like WHOA those are good graphics for a psx game...then I saw where it was :D....I need to go to bed..
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