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Odd Confidential Mission does have sound with Makaron...when I run it. Maybe you have a bad image.

However keep in mind Makaron also runs better with Jap bios...that said I did try out Confidential Mission with Jap, USA, Export and all three did have audio.

You may want to try converting your Mame assets with my converter and double checking SHA1's to see if they are the same or not.


It supports Demul, Makaron and NullDC Cart's and Disc's...Demul will require IsoBuster is installed, and further that IsoBuster is using English as the interface language...or it'll fail.

Currently it only supports what was released for Mame 0.131 and only converts Naomi 1 Disc's...but all Cart's.

Naomi Converter FYI
The Mame: input area is required...and must lead to your Mame Assets folder.
The ROM: input area is required...and should lead to where you want the output files to land.
The ZIP: input area is should point to where you want zipped files to land.
The Conversion Drop Down sets the type of conversion and for what target emulator.
The Archiver Drop Down sets the compression type for stored zip files.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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