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Here are some Loaders for use with Frontends.

Loader Downloads:
[Linky] (Demul)
[Linky] (Makaron)
[Linky] (NullDC)

Users can exit using ether the ESC key or whats predefined by their FE, or digital gamepad\Joystick users can exit with a combination of POV or Joystick1 Upper Left + Buttons (4, 5, 6) pressed all at once.

Demul Command Line for AFE is:
Demul_(Naomi)_Loader.exe "[ROMNAME]"

Makaron Command Line for AFE is:
Makaron_(Naomi)_Loader.exe "[ROMDIR][ROMNAME].[ROMEXT]"

NullDC Command Line for AFE is:
NullDC_(Naomi)_Loader.exe "10" "nullDC-Naomi_1.0.3_mmu.exe" "[ROMDIR][ROMNAME].[ROMEXT]"

NullDC's...command line is different as its broken up Loader, Time Delay, Executable, RomPath\RomFile. Time delay is in seconds, and ideally should be set short enough to where the Naomi Splash screen is seen and not hidden.
thanks, these loaders might be useful
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