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NAOMI 2 on Demul

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Yes Wind, CaH4e3 and company started working on NAOMI 2, take a look:

Demul - WIP

EDIT: updated the link to page 3 (new progress) and some screens.
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Mmmh...donuts. :drool:

Good news, but I had that feeling lately that the Naomi, Triforce, Atomiswave, etc hardwares emulation might be achieved much before enough game dumps will be actually available. :D
Well lets wait and see.
Jambo! Safari ??? Its not dumped but I want it when it is available. :)
Could someone please translate?
I'm too lazy to translate all this text, but I can give you a summary. There are some technical explanations. The main problem is lack of documentation for T+L chip, so devs trying to reverse engineer it.
Thank you, what were the games?
there are betters games than virtual..f...for naomi?
Look at the page 3 again.. Virtual Fighter 4. It is getting better. :)
go go Demul emu ........YYYYEEEEESSSSS Virtua Fighter 4 finally being emu'd

AWESOMENESS.........thank you WIND and CaH4e3
pictures of Virtua Strikers 3 on page 3 is up now by CaH4e3


great job Wind and CaH4e3
Maaaaaaaan I can´t believe the work those guys are doing.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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