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i did have a N64 but the controller was great but the analog stick did not last long that i did have. i did think the analog stivk did last for about 2month or so. Did play much on N64

did have the N64 machine too whit the thing you did need to switch if you are going to play perfect dark

and i did have 22 games i dont remeber all the games i did have but i did rember that i have perfect dark and golden eye.

And i miss playing perfect dark agian i did think its was awsome game. when they stoped produt the controller of the N64 i did sell it and i miss it so much becase i did relly like the Golden eye and perfect dark.

and i wonder why was perfect dark 18? and golden eye was 15?
I did remeber when i was 17 years old and i did try to buy that game i could not buy it becase it had 18 years old on it :(

When i started to play the game its was allmoste alike the golden eye exept for the blood that you did see on the wall if you did kill one.

and i still wonder why this game was 18 years old when it was really like the golden eye you did see blood there too but only the one you did kill not on the floor or the wall so way did they but 18 on perfect dark?????:???:
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