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N64 Emulation question

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Hello everyone, I currently work in IT doing windows migrations, hardware upgrades etc and just this past month I did a major PC upgrade where I was the lead Technician and one of the people on my team was into retro video games and consoles.

As we talked about different subjects we started talking about emulators and emulation in general and we started to talk about N64 and how its been worked on for a long time and how we still cannot play most of the games from the system on our PC.

Which brought something up that I wanted to ask the emulation community to see what you all say, though I am sure its been asked before but I could not find anything in my searches, but the question is this.

Since N64 is still far from perfect, wouldnt it be easier to try and make one emulator to emulate one game perfectly instead of trying to make one program work for all? or has this been tried and failed?

It just seems to me that if we could just focus on one game to get it working perfectly we can apply that to others.

But who knows maybe I am just stupid for asking but I have never seen this brought up, so does anyone have any insight?
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With people's current obsession with cycle accuracy thanks to people like Matthew Kendora, who inspired byuu to write bsnes, I see N64 emulation being a complete failure like SNES.
Except he didn't actually inspire byuu. If you're referring to that big wall of text MK wrote way back in 2004, byuu has said he had no idea he had ever even written any of that (though he agreed with many of its points).

I know you don't like these people, but please, at least try not jumping the gun like this.
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