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n00b in need of help setting video up.

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Ok, so i'm itching to play some psone games on my pc for the better visuals, I am using all legal cd-rom's, ff7, wipeout 3, loaded, and a few others. I can't get the right config going. If I try one setting, the screen stays black, the game never loads, then if I pick a different selection, it looks like poop, if I try yet another, it crashes, also, the sound is horrible, it's really off....roughly 6 seconds ahead of the gameplay..i've tried different plug-in's and emu's and nothing seems to help. I have a amd64 3200+ evga 6800gt 1gb ddr 400 ram. Ive noticed whenever I enabled salx2 the screen stays black. Maybe a driver problem? Can some1 please let me know what the best config is for best visual iq. :) Much appreciated. Thankyou.
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try using Peops for CDR (IOCTL SCSI reading), Pete's OpenGL2 with nice presets to start with, and Eternal SPU for sound. also go to and get the latest drivers.
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