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n e 1 know how to speed up smackdown 2?

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ive even got frameskip on and its terrible and its at tle lowest stiings it can goto, on blem i can run it at 1284x1024 wit loadsa otha enhancements and it runs at about 90 percent speed, n e 1 know how i can increase the speed and graphics on epsxe?
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p2 450 128 mb ram tnt2 32mb buton bleem it runs at ful resolution wit all extra thing sfor graphics at bout ninety percent apart from music!!! is bleem actually better on this game?
try fast settings w/ 640x480 that if you're using petes plugins......try disabling sound too...bad good graphics 4 u =P
i guess ill just stick wit bleem because they really are amazin screenshots a geforce 3 would b proud lol, one of the few games bleem actually does betta , o well thanx n e way
It runs very fast in VGS
neither will epsxe...... vgs and epsxe both require higher system specs....... bleem on the other hand runs pretty good on lower end systems...... with limited compatibility........ I got a tbird 1000 and a voodoo 5 5500 and the game runs full speed with 4x FSAA...... sweet!!!!! It did run slow when I had an amd k6-2 533 with a voodoo 3 3000 pci....... well, about 50 to 60 fps...... usin lewp'ys glide pluggin...... Now with my current system it runs 60++ fps all the time...... even with 4 characters on royal rumble.... with all pluggins..... yes even petes ogl pluggin runs at 60 fps...... on a voodoo? yep.........
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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