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n e 1 know how i can create a compatability list wit bleem 1.4a?

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ok 1.4a is uch faster but i aint got a blee.ini file, even if i undisable the emory card fucntion, when i load the game up again it doesnt actually save the changes... n e 1 know how i can ake a blee.ini file that the exe will work wit?
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The INI files weren't used until version 1.5... Unfortunately, this means that with 1.4, there's no way to have it save any settings. However, 1.4a shouldn't be disabling memory cards. IIRC, 1.4 still did, but that was taken out in 1.4a, because it was confusing too many people, and there weren't a whole lot of games that required it. The only thing I can think of is to try downloading and re-installing 1.4a, to make sure you have the correct version installed.
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