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ok i had a folder on my old computer with the zsnes and all my roms in it....the only game i really played was TOP and i got pretty far in it. Then my dad tells me "Son your getting a new computer" so i thought "cool" and just burnt that folder with all my emulator stuff onto a disc i trasferred the folder over to my new computer. When i went to sit down and continue in TOP i double clicked on the SMC file and it didnt know what program to use, so i just browsed to the file and clicked on the ZSNES...the game started and when i pressed F4 to load my game ( i think its F4) it said it couldnt find my save. I took a deep breath....fell apart and cried for a good hour... gathered my self again and looked at the files i had in the TOP folder in my Emulator Stuff folder there are a few more files in there with the SMC file (which is the one with the rom in it...right?) theres a rominfo text document... two SRM files (which i think i heard somewhere were the save files but i dont know how to put them back in so i can use them) one SRM file is called "Tales of Phantasia (J) [T-Eng1.2_DeJap]" and the other SRM file is called "TALESO~1". There is also two ZST files with the same headers as the aforementioned SRM files except there's a ".zst" at the end. There's also a ZS1 file entitled "TALESO~1.zs1". When i clicked on the SRM files it didnt know what program to use with them (in fact it doesnt seem to know what program to use for any of the aforementioned files) so i told it to use ZSNES with them and that didnt seem to put my saves back in. Man i just wrote way to much for one simple little question. Could you guys please tell me how to get my saves back in, i dont want to have to go through the game all over again. Thanks Alot....i'm a total newb by the way.
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