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My Webpage :)

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Everyone else is doing it. I recently gave my webpage a facelift.
it looks best in 1280 lines of resolution in either netscape 6 or ie 5.5. I have neglected to tell people about my site since I havent added much content yet.

feel free to coment. i've checked out most of the pages posted here and most of the people are doing a pretty good job.

I make all of my graphics. I also code all of the html in notepad. i am very old school about it. the javascript codes were borrowed from the net with permission.

i made sure to link ngemu before posting this.
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Actually, a cleanly designed site ... not too many confusing effects, clean stuff, easy to navigate ...

But who the heck are you aiming at with the site ? I mean, these blood (?) effects, that thing (is that a women?) on the frontpage ... and, in general, I have a personal dislike against pages which open in a popup window - can't you make it somehow appear in the normal browser window ? There're many cool hints how to do that.

Otherwise, good work - although there is no flashing, blinking NGEmu link on the mainpage ;)
I really have no target market. The page is just a fun creation. I make computer graphics and do some web designs for people who need help. I do it all free of charge in my spare time.

I'm not a big fan of pop up windows either but I like how it turned out. As for the blood and stuff, well i guess I watched too many horror movies as a kid.

The picture is of a guy with a small cut on his throat. Haha. Its the same model as the grey face in the background.

I think I'll pass on the flashing ngemu button. I visit this site more than my own already.
WHoah, thats awesome .... i really like its design. Damn, nice to know I can get pointers from you. You a got a good talent man. keep it up (thumbs up) :)
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