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My unfinished webpage

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God, this is driving me absolutely NUTS, ok here is what I am trying, bear with me here everyone, all HTML I Know is self-taught (ok, I did take a class on it, but teacher went so slowly I still ended up teaching myself everything before she got there)

I have a menu made already for my page, what I want to do is to have my actual content show up just left of the menu, WITHOUT the use of frames, as where it shows up above the same BG as my menu (WITHOUT having to copy and p[aster the menu code to each and every HTML page I make). Don't know if this makes any sense to you, but its the best I can explain it at 3am. Now, I have some ideas as what I need to learn in order to do this, but Im not sure what I need exactly, my 4 ideas where.

SSS (server side scripting)
Client side scripting I haven't figured out how to do yet (I don't think its this one)

Now if anyone knows EXACTLY what I am looking for and has a webpage handy that woill allow me to learn this skill which evades me, PLEASE tell me that URL. And if anyone has a good informative webpage which you THINK has this kind of good info, also, PLEASE TELL ME. (Note: me fav place doesn't tell me how to do this at all)
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so all I have to do is use that line in the body of my HTML pages in some kind of table, and be on a server with SSI, but is there a way to test it from my side when I try it?
another question, should I keep the java script in the head section of the html file, or in the .inf file for the menu?
Originally posted by Thorgal
Ok, I'm not sure what you meant exactly, but I do think I can help you out with the "WITHOUT having to copy and p[aster the menu code to each and every HTML page I make" part. It is fairly easy actually, and you can do this in 2 ways: with SSI, or PHP. I won't bore you with the PHP, cause that'd require you to switch over etc. etc. Your server will have to support SSI in order for the other method to work though. You can check with your server's homepage to see if they do, or you just try out this method and see if it works ;) :

- open up your html file with something like notepad;
- cut out the (menu) code you want to include in every webpage you make;
- open up notepad and paste that code in a new file;
- save that file as "menu.inf" in the same dir as where your html file is;
- go back to your html file again, and where the menu code used to be, put the following code:
<!--#include virtual="menu.inf"-->
(btw, this isn't really PHP code but I couldn't display it in this post otherwise)
- upload your html file and menu.inf , see if it works :)
That isn't working, it just still shows up there, do I need something in the head of the HTML for it to work? Or so I need to specify a scirpt type?
GOD, thats stupid, yep, just had to remane it shtml
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