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My system is stuttering!!

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After bringing my computer back upstairs from testing the wireless connection devices, i reconnected my pc, and now my system doesn't stop stuttering!! mp3's stutter, the mouse doesn't move smoothly, some windows take longer to open than others...this is a 900Mhz system!!! I didn't even think about windown opening speed before now. What a problematic week!! What could be the problem?? Messing with the networking options couldn't have done this, could it? It's like the system freezes up every five seconds for half a second, and then continues running. it's driving me crazy!! help!!
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>Messing with the networking options couldn't have done this,
>could it?
Well, yes and no. While adding a network adapter shouldn't cause any slowdowns (that is, after it poles the hardware for the first time), adding a network protocol that doesn't belong most certainly can. Have you determined that it is, in fact, ePSXe that causes it? I know that if you having certain protocols installed (DHCP comes to mind, for instance) can cause intermittent slowdowns since they're polling your networking hardware for non-existant data.

Obviously, I don't know what particular protocols you had installed previously, but you might want to check out your networking properties and see if there's something that doesn't belong.

By that same token, there wouldn't happen to be an application that was installed with your Linksys that runs in the background, would there? If so, perhaps it's also doing some sort of polling.

Of course, if it *were* ePSXe then I'm afraid I'm at a bit of a loss, given that it could be any number of things, perhaps a driver that was disturbed during the installiation of the wireless networking's software.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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