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My system is stuttering!!

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After bringing my computer back upstairs from testing the wireless connection devices, i reconnected my pc, and now my system doesn't stop stuttering!! mp3's stutter, the mouse doesn't move smoothly, some windows take longer to open than others...this is a 900Mhz system!!! I didn't even think about windown opening speed before now. What a problematic week!! What could be the problem?? Messing with the networking options couldn't have done this, could it? It's like the system freezes up every five seconds for half a second, and then continues running. it's driving me crazy!! help!!
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alright, i think i'm closing in on the problem. I restarted and the problem went away, so i think it's epsxe. my games aren't running smoothly anymore (they stutter). i get crackling sounds, at the end of each tune and then the game freezes up momentarily and then continues like described above. after playing for and extended amount of time, when i return to the desktop, the problem i described above occurs.
Cluthu, you've done it again! :D thank you, thank you, thank you. I checked the network properties, and the wireless adapter was still installed. I removed it, but just prior to that i had reinstalled my sound card drivers. Something worked, and now my games are running smoothly again. Thanks a million.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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