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My system is stuttering!!

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After bringing my computer back upstairs from testing the wireless connection devices, i reconnected my pc, and now my system doesn't stop stuttering!! mp3's stutter, the mouse doesn't move smoothly, some windows take longer to open than others...this is a 900Mhz system!!! I didn't even think about windown opening speed before now. What a problematic week!! What could be the problem?? Messing with the networking options couldn't have done this, could it? It's like the system freezes up every five seconds for half a second, and then continues running. it's driving me crazy!! help!!
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I think the only person fitted to help you is Cluthu,he knows everything when it comes to that sort of things.
cluthu,how is it that you know so much about hardware and software?
404,did you have a car crash recently?
You seem totally crazy since 2 days:D .
I'm not jealous,I'm just asking how he knows so much.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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