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Beta date: 02.10.05
Conditions tested under:
GSdx9 15.08.05 D3D, PS1.4
EEREC: light SPS, VUREC: heavy SPS

Loops in following routine, i assume the retail version will have the same issue.
IM_VU1GSSync__Fv:				# 
lui		v1, $0020		# 001441a8:3c030020	v1=$00200000
lw		v0, $0514(v1)		# 001441ac:8c620514	v0=vif1DmaDone
nop					# 001441b0:00000000	
nop					# 001441b4:00000000	
nop					# 001441b8:00000000	
nop					# 001441bc:00000000	
beq		v0, zero, $001441ac	# 001441c0:1040fffa	
nop					# 001441c4:00000000	
jr		ra			# 001441c8:03e00008	
nop					# 001441cc:00000000
Patches used:
gametitle=My Street DEMO [SCUS 97263](U)
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
//fix IM_VU1GSSync__Fv

Status Ingame
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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