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My Pokemon Platinum crashes whenever i click on the cheats option!

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The cheats have been working the whole time but yesterday i accidentally pressed the escape button while playing and now whenever i click on cheats it says either end now, memory messed up, or nothing and it will just close please help
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Forget about cheats with the 3D pokemon games, they either just don't work or cause crashes, instead use Pokesav.
i know but the cheats have been working the whole time and dont you need the cheats to use use the pokesav
ps the cheats itself is not the problem the button i click on to get to the cheats is the problem
Pokesav modifies the save data, it can give you all the effects cheats can, heck it can give you more, just that it does not do so in realtime so for instance infinite power points or infinite health won't work...either way it's your only solution at this point if you want to continue cheating in pokemon....
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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