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My newest tune...

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Finally got some free time to test those orchiestral sound fonts, see what I came up with:

The track was made using Fruity Studio 4.52 and is a tribute to the best game on Neo Geo hardware - Last Blade 2. The character select music was my inspiration. As always post Your comments!

*NOTE I don't know why there is a long moment of silance in the end, it appears in EVERY tunes I make using sound fonts. I didn't want to decrease the quality by converting to wave, cutting that moment of silance, converting to mp3 again ...
EDIT: For people that aren't familliar with RapidShare: just enter abouve link, click on the FREE button on that page and wait until the download is ready.
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Nice, but still the best Last Blade 2 work over was made by Unipulator at OCremix.
Your's very good too ^^.
Have to agree on that, overall it's one of the best remixes in general that I've ever heard :).
Nice. Overall the track was good. I like the beginning the most. The end was okay. The tract by Unipulator is just okay. I dont find it extraordinary really but that just my opinion.
The only problem I could see was that the melody was played by soft instruments but the beat was way too sharp so it didn't flow too well. Other than that I like it.
sweet, I liked it. I'm working on something right now(orchestral like, first time I ever tried to deal with all the instruments at one time), I have 2:18seconds of it so far...I want it to be around 3:30-4:30 minutes so I'll post it when I'm happy with it. Good work though, I really enjoyed it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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