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My new PC

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Well Im purchasing a new pc but IM not really sure what Im getting into lol
so here is what Ive got set up and the price for it all
its got an sli chipset that has 2 6600 gt's
Will this cause any compatibility issues?
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Sweet. ;) All's I can say is upgrade the power supply. With that processor and 2 graphic cads, it's gonna be power hungry, and if you upgrade later you probably don't wanna have to buy a new PSU :)

Are you planning on buying a DVDRW drive later or something?
the thing with the asus sli is that its not a good overclocker. i hear the gigabyte sli board is better.
yeah Imeant to say I wanted advice
so thanx guys lol

yeah I will definetly upgrade the power supply then
and I already have 2 dvd burners and one is dual layer

and about OCing I dont plan on doing it
but do you think I would still be better off upgrading the mobo for performance

another thing is that Im getting cheap ram is that gonna bottleneck me
Hmmm sometimes cheap ram is okay, but other times it isn't. In the future you may want to overclock so it might be wise to get the gigabyte or other board that you can overlock well on. (it's always nice to have the option right?) And as for the ram again ... You don't have to go with expensive RAM, but try to find some good deals on some brand name ram. I know I did when I bought mine ^^
ok nvm that comment i made about the asus being a lemon overclocker. turns out my buddy's board was defective (severely drooping vcore) >.< so he had to send it back for rma. just read some reviews on this borad on the internet and it seems like quite the awesome overclocker!!!
Definately get a new power supply. 400w for two nVidia cards is like expecting a motorcycle to pull a caravan. Make sure you get a good one as well. Fried expensive hardware = not cool
Try and get a 600watt power supply,thatshould do perfectly fine:).hey are you buying that pc from or,that price is exactly like the one sli option from
Whatever PSU you do end up getting, make sure it is a true watt power supply, so you're not paying for a 600watt, but only getting a 500watt ;) <- i think this is the best possible one u can get for an sli system

btw, read some feedback from users again. the general concensus i think is that the gigabyte sli mbs are faster and more stable than the asus k8n (comes with more stuff too), tho are more expensive. They also allow u to use 1 pci-e slot when using sli, unlike the asus. well its ur call.
Hm...2 6600GTs instead of a 6800GT? I'd have gone with the later.
Yea, I thinm the only benchmarks that SLI was faster with 2x6600GT's than 1x6800GT was CS: Source, and only by a few fps. Maybe one 6800GT would be better? I'm not sure about the prices though, so whatever is cheaper I guess.
id say go with the 6800gt even if it is a little more expensive than 2 6600gts. simply cuz later on u can always add another 6800gt when they get cheap while even rite now the 6800gt by itself holds its own against two 6600gts in sli.
alright thank you all for the great advice
I think Im just gonna go for the non sli 6800
or could I get an sli board and just put one vid card in it so as he said I could upgrade later

oh and the pc is from
dont worry man. afaik, all the 6800gts that u can get for sli boards are sli ready :)
industrian said:
Benchmarks for SLI setups. Also, my reasoning for a 20.1" TFT. :D
Dell 2001FP? Had one since June, gotta say KICKASS monitor.
Viewsonic VP201B

16ms response time, enough said.
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