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My memcards get corrupted!

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I always select Autodetect in the Options>Country menu, but everytime I try to access the memcards, I always get error messages to the effect that "there is no memory card detected..."

What do you think is the problem? Should I always choose NTSC if I'm sure that my game is the US version?
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Actually, i believe there is a timing problem in NTSC mode
the work around is forcing PAL mode

i dont think there is any differance in quality or speed between the two modes
one more f4 to get memcards to work, after which if you lose controller functions, press f4 again.....
F4 doesn't always work: sometimes it brings the games to freeze.
And about difference between PAL and NTSC: there IS a difference in speed, but not in quality (NTSC games are mostly faster).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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