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My Mdecs are slow compared to gameplay. I am Playing FF9 using Petes D3D Dx6
Advanced blending = hardware
Framebuffer= emulated vram
CAching=Dynamic........with alphamultipass and mask bit

Null2 Audio driver vers. 1.3
Tsg Mscdex CD driver 1.2

Please help me

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what are your system specs? I use to have a amd k6-2 533 and the mdecs were skippy... they were a little slow..... not too slow but noticable.... You could also try different pluggins especially the cd rom pluggins...... some may work faster than others..... The fastest would be to run it off an iso..... then the mdecs should speed up...... along with everything else......

What CD plugin are you using? I recommend that you give Pete's CD plugin ver 1.3 a try. Then when you go to configure it, be sure to check the 2x speed limiting option (hopefully your drive will support it, but it seems that most do). This will cause your drive to run at 2x speed, which is the speed of an actual PSX CD unit, while in ePSXe. I tried this and it completely fixed Gauntlet Legends for me. Best of luck.:)
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