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My game is going too fast, can someone help me? >.<

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I just got epsxe last night and I was downloading plugins and BIOS and stuff last night. When I tried to run FF9 and started a new game I noticed the opening intro was going remarkably fast. WHen I battled the first battle my guys were dancing faster then the eye could follow and when they attacked it was like lightning, literally :eyes:

Im not sure which plugin or BIOS is messed up, if anyone's ever had that problem before I'd appreciate any tips... and if you're generous please email me.
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Graphics plugin are you using? There should be a FPS limit in the confuration dialog. Or use the auto FPS limit. Make sure you have that selected and the game should go at normal speed.
Snake785 is right.Use framelimiting. Ntsc=60fps while Pal=50fps.

You could have find the similar topic if you tried using the search feature though (on upper right).
but if you can tell us what plugin are you using, could be a great idea
I got the speed factor ok, I just set a bunch of limits and stuff for frames per second, tested it out, and it looks good. The only problem Im having now is the batles... but I posted my problem in the Battles problems thread.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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