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When I try to run a CD using ePSXe, most games will not work. it will go into the black screen and just sit there. This happens to most games. on the games that DO work, the speed is really messed up. For now, the only game I have that actually "RUNS" is Mega Man Legends. The speed is messed up, and it runs very slow. it moves unsmooth and blocky, and the sound is all warped. can someone help me? PLEAAASE!

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I have 200 hundred games, so I really can't remember all of the ones I've played. I know for sure the ones I have tried are:

Monster Rancher 2
Resident Evil 3
Mega Man Legends
Saga Frontier 2
FF7 (ooh my god, THIS didn't even work)
Bust a Groove
Tekken 3
Tomba 2
Tales of Destiny
Wild arms

and a couple others........

the only ones that warked even a LITTLE but had errors were Wild arms, Mega man legends, bust a groove, and the rest of the games just sat there.

yes, it switched between too fast and slow, and then it seemed to skipped, like it went smooth for about 2 seconds, freeze up, and then end up 2 seconds in the future.... heheh....

How about some system and plugin specs? Wild Arms and Tales of Destiny run perfectly on ePSXe for me. It is known that FF VII does not work w/this version of ePSXe. Megman Legends worked perfectly for me w/ePSXe. So, if you'll just tell us what kind of system you have and which plugins you are using, we can help you better.
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