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my computer freezes when Metal Slug X is loading

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My computer freezes right after I select a soldier and gives me just a blackscreen. Then, I can do nothing but reset. It refuses to respond to anything. Seems everytime the game's loading it crashes. I can' t even see a picture of battle!

My computer:
Thunderbird 1G/256M/Geforce2 MX/Built-in sound card

Configuration of epsxe1.40:
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.51/Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.10/scph1001 bios/epsxe CDR ASPI core 1.40

Btw, no matter I run the game from a cd or from a ISO the same error occurs. And the game pad doesn't work unless F5 is pressed.

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot!
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yes, winning eleven 2000 and cool boarder 2001 can run.
My mainboard is epox8KTA3 pro.
it seemed to be the first time my computer got crashed by epsxe.
and, I've tried with VGS. it seems that VGS can't recognize the cd no matter through a real cd-rom or daemon's virtual one. it showed only "Insert cd". This thing has happened before. VGS uses less CDs than epsxe does. but a real playstation can run them all!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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