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my computer freezes when Metal Slug X is loading

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My computer freezes right after I select a soldier and gives me just a blackscreen. Then, I can do nothing but reset. It refuses to respond to anything. Seems everytime the game's loading it crashes. I can' t even see a picture of battle!

My computer:
Thunderbird 1G/256M/Geforce2 MX/Built-in sound card

Configuration of epsxe1.40:
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.51/Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.10/scph1001 bios/epsxe CDR ASPI core 1.40

Btw, no matter I run the game from a cd or from a ISO the same error occurs. And the game pad doesn't work unless F5 is pressed.

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot!
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ePSXe never crashed my computer before (and I have a Asus P3V133, that has a proven Microsoft seal of bug in it :)), are you sure you can run other games on it?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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