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Hey. Shortly - its my out of box solution of RetroArch which can PS1 games on high speed with great graphics without fucking with RetroArch setting

RetroArch has some strange behaviour and ur free to discuss it in discord, I will try to help

I was dissapointed when I download epsxe after ~15 years that Chrono Cross still laggy and have bad graphics and epsxe is laggy too. I have shader experience a little and I made shader for epsxe/pcsx which can improves graphic. Usually shaders means something complex and crazy AAA effects, i made this for original experience

But epsxe or pcsxr still provide bad speed, i can create good noise coz of epsxe's-like emulators limitation and tried RetroArch, IN THEORY its like next-gen emulator with cool desing, it can launch different platform, but on practice ITS MOST HORRIBLE AND UNINTUITIVE SOFTWARE WHICH I SAW

What bad which RetroArch? Everything - UI is bloatwared and cant fit in screen, it needs 600mb of disk space, stupid AAA shaders which corrupts graphics, A LOT of shaders

I have a practice 4 years ago in android and i even could not launch the game. Now I spent 4 month to launch first game.

For example, retroarch has its own, not windows interface, but escape button means closing. With double escape button it just closes. F1 calls menu, who invited it?! U could change settings, yes, but it neeeds A LOT of time

Even menu navigation is terrible, everything is terrible, this projects exists about 10 years and its still unusable

U cant enjoy the game, U will be very angry if you try to just play in old consoles

But hmm

Its difference betwen original bilinear filter

And my

I made gui for easy calibration of color and different settings

UI fits in screen too

Default keys -
wasd - arrows
qe - start/select
kl-[] x
;p - r1r2
F - fullscreen
ra detects gamepads automatically so its not problem to use keyboard and gamepad boths

btw, start button if u highlight something in ui resets settings to default for example in shaders

to config it, u need menu\quick settings\shaders\shader parameters

my shader called Zabiaka

i made opengl shader before, but now i use D3D11 it looks like its better and it ha more parametes

I still have some troubles with retroarch, it has some troubles with sounch sync and it could crack, but its still better than at least in chrono cross with epsxe-like emulators


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by the way i recommend to reduce saturation on regular display coz usually they provide 'juicy' not natural color

and Mario example on my build



But it looks bad for example if i see screenshot from smartphone, cause it has 'juicy' color

If i reduce saturation from 50 to 30 i will get same result

You can change saturaion using gpu control, for example on intel i set -34 saturation
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