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My Best Work - The New design

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Hya dudez
plz check the new page design at my website.
those who have seen it before will note a lotta diference ;)
plz post ur coments here!
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Originally posted by Fou-lu

Maybe they're on a diet with no cookies in it? :lol:
...right...:stupid: (j/k :D). BTW I just read your location thingy. Ain't Rinoa a princess..well...*kiss*...:spy:
i know u couldnt hide that forever...
Originally posted by Neojag
i know u couldnt hide that forever...

BTW Go to the spam forum.
Yeah, yeah. Back to normal now.

By the way (it's a while someone has written this huh?), how's your site Neojag? When do you plan to fix it?
Incidently, Neo, if you go to the top 10 posters page and try to click on the link that takes you to your site, you'll notice that somehow ngemu's URL is intermingled with your's, thus making it not able to get to your page.
im gonna fix it today ;) ill post here when its done m8z
whats up on the spam section?
its finnaly up :)
u can check it at the link on my sig
Wow your site looks great. I'm just now learning how to make interfaces but I hope to have a really great site by the time I'm done.
too dark.

but else is fine. keep up the good work.

all your souls are belong to me :cool:
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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