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Hi there, just realised the thread I had jumped onto seemed to be "done," or "ticked," etc. So I thought I would repost it as its own thing. Sorry for taking up space!

Repeated from Mvc2 sprite problems:

Hi, I have similar problems. I think it may be to do with my hardware; I'll explain what happens before going on to that. I load up NullDC with Mvsc2 "in," and the game seems to load up fine except for the small matter of cetain sprites. It appears that I am faced with a kind of art-deco deconstruction of the game - clean lines and shapes, no text, simply boxes where characters should be selectable. It seems a whole "layer," of the game has been removed.

I would happily take a screenshot if anyone can tell me how! I was sure I used to know.

I'm trying to get this to run on my laptop. Specs:

Xp professional service pack 3
Intel Pentium M 1.30ghz
1.24Gb Ram

I believe the issue may be the lack of a proper video card? Although, of course, I have no idea? I think it's a kind of basic intel thing... No idea at all what it is called. [Unless 915 chipset family means anything to anyone?]

If you couldn't tell this is a "new," computer.

I am also using NullDC 1.0.3 with standard plug-ins. Is there a plug-in which magically fixes things out there?

Thanks in advance for any help, let me know if I need to give anymore info!

all the best.

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