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Hi! I would apreciate if someone could help me here. Ever since I first got Chankast, I play Marvel vs Capcom 2. The speed and framerate are great, but sometimes the game crash at the loading screen. At first, this didn't bugged me, it was REALLY rare, but now, for some reason, it tends to crash more often (I don't know if its connected to the fact that I already got most secret chars)!
Can someone help me?

edit: WEIRD!! Not long ago, I beat the game 2 times in a row, and it didn't crashed. Then, on my third time playing it, it crashed b4 the second fight. I restarted my pc and the emu, but for some reason, the game crashed b4 the first fight. Thats really a weird thing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work!!
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