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musikCube - next big mp3 player/organizer

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Its pretty new but still its amazing. its like itunes but 50 times faster and without all the clutter. amazing program. try it out lemme kno wat u guys think :) its become my favorite mp3 player.
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If it can import my iTunes library, and if it has equivalents to Party Shuffle and smart playlists, I'll gladly switch. :D

I'll download it and see.
it has smart playlists but im not sure what party shuffle means. but the program is great right now and its still its early stages of development. i cant wait to see what new features will be added to the next release.
winamp people WINAMP these programs are aweful compared to plugin based programs such as winamp. it can play like 3 maybe 4 different formats wav, ogg, mp3 while my winamp can play 20+ not to mention customizability, visualition, remote control, you name it
i jsut went from winamp to foobar >_>
I still don't know why it's better than WMP. The only answer I got was "it's not M$" :???:
yeah winamp takes to long to start up for me compared to wmp10
and to much processor as well
just an opinion though
wmp10 only starts faster because it gets prefetched by default i think....

in my opinion, foobar is better cuz : less resource usage, more customization, and faster startup.
Well, I see it can't open my iTunes library because it doesn't support AAC. It does support FLAC, though, and I have most of my music ripped in FLAC right now. I'll give it a shot and see if it's worth the pain of switching for. :p
I still say musicmatch kicks everyone's but....except for maybe WMP....winamp sucks if you have a huge library....
winamp is fine.. but its library for organizing your music files is complete garbage. and winamp uses 6 times more recources than musikcube does on my comp. and again, musikcube is still developing. so its only going to get better from here.
Still iTunes for me. It's really too bad musikCube isn't being developed as a Foobar interface plugin, then it would kick ass.
Winamp uses less than 15Mb total (including VM) on my machine. It's not like it's a resource hog. It's a great nice looking simple player. I've tried switching to innumerable players in the past, but nothing can replace Winamp for me. I don't want the app to have a library of every music file I have with it's tag. I just put all my music in one playlist. If your directory structure is well maintained it works fine.
I really don't see the point in these features I don't use.
^^ thats true. my music folder is actually really well organized but i just like the way you can browse through them in the musikcube library. i find it a lot easier than going thru folders and having to press the back button every time.
I just add them all to the playlist, and then if I want to listen to a certain artist, I pless CTRL+ALT+D to bring up the jump dialig, set the track I want to start listening from and then CTRL+ALT+S to toggle shuffle off
Oooo, I'll have to try this. I love the ease and organization in iTunes, plus being able to edit my tags right then and there through iTunes. This looks lovely though, can't wait til it finishes downloading!
There is another good player/organizer, wxmusik. I use this and amarok(the best software of its kind in linux now, too bad it didn't available for windows) in linux and I absolutely love it. wxMusik have linux and windows support so you should give it a try. It still in its early development phase so there are still a few small bugs in it but nothing too serious.
musikcube is basically an updated version of wxmusik. apparently one of the ppl that worked on wx moved on from that project and started musikcube. i dont even kno if mx is still being worked on or not.
I never realized that :lol:
It still being work on but they still didn't want to make any official release (still adding feature and fixing bugs). Maybe I should give musikcube a try to see if it suit my need. Too bad it didn't available on linux.
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