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I can't beleave i didn't see this update. Released on 02/07/05. Boy is this late news, lol :thumb:

Latest Changes:

* A basic plugin API
* Added tooltips to the now playing control
* Adds quick toggles for random, repeat, crossfader, and equalizer in the main window
* Tags are now scanned for a "comments" field, which can be toggled on in the playlists
* Cd devices can be hidden

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not bad, but foobar still beats it hands down. I would recommend MusikCube for people who are too lazy to install a few plugins and make foobar's GUI look a little better :p

But I will change if they implement album cover displaying soon

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A new release is out w/ alot of changes:
MusikCube 0.92.1

Latest Changes:

* Huge plugin api / framework updates
* Double clicking items in the selection box starts them playing
* Last played song and playlist are remembered when you shutdown, and automatically displayed on startup
* Fixed playing read-only files over the network
* Modified behavior and appearance of "Create..." buttons
* Songs rated with -1 have no information displayed in the "rating" column of the playlist
* Removed confusing "selection scheme" option
* Right click on artist/album/etc boxes -> Play Selected
* Right click on artist/album/etc boxes -> Queue Selected
* Right click songs in playlist -> Queue Selected
* Changed the playlist icon in the Sources panel
* Playing a song from a dynamic playlist automatically focuses the now playing list
* "Move Files To..." right click sources option
* Scrollbar in the sources control doesn't draw as crowded
* Winamp command emulation removed from the main program and moved to a plugin called "mcAmp" (included)
* The first time musikCube is run on a computer it will inform the user about adding files, and automatically launch the directory synchronization dialog
* Right click on Library -> Show All Songs
* Right click on Device -> Synchronize Device
* Right click on files -> (Re)write Tags to File
* "Select all Artists" changed to "Show all Artists"
* Much improved keyboard shortcuts
* A preference that adds the ability to not show all songs in the playlist view when "Select all Artists/Albums/etc" is clicked in a selection box. This can drastically speed up the UI if deselected. See File -> Preferences -> Interface -> Workflow
* Sound buffer length can be set in File -> Preferences -> Sound -> Driver
* Crossfader settings are remembered on exit
* Tag from Filename works again
* Fixed loading and saving tag-to-filename and Filename-to-Tag masks
* Drag and drop from explorer fixed
* Fixes a bug where deleting the last std or dynamic playlist in the sources, without files playing, could cause the library view to go blank until you clicked out and back into it
* Equalizer presets can be created and stored again
* Sorting playlist by comments column actually works
* Minimize bug where UI would simply disappear
* Toggling equalizer off in the menu now updates the button in the now
* Playing control properly
* Fixed crash with cddb
* Rewrote the playlist sort query.. it shouldn't crash anymore when sorting very large playlists in the main window
* Fixes a really rare crash caused by an invalid Relative Volume Adjustment id3v2 tag
* Fixes some bugs related to minimize and close to system tray
* "rate current" in tray menu now correctly updates after a song's rating has changed
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