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Latest Changes:

* Sub libraries have been removed. all playlists and dynamic playlists are treated like sub library -- that is, they link up with the selection boxes
* New "Net Radio" sources entry
* Completely redesigned sources right click menu
* Expanded removable device support to support any disk attached to the system
* Ability to select which drives to display in the "Devices" section of the sources panel
* "unplug device" changed to "unload device" in sources menu
* Dynamic playlists are automatically updated when the currently playing song finishes
* Stock dynamic playlists added: 50 last played, 50 newest, 10 most played, favorite artist, favorite album
* More sources drawing enhancements
* Cd playback and ripping now display track durations
* Changed the disk drive icon
* Fixed size of playlist icon
* Changed default application icon
* Fixed two drag and drop bugs as reported in the forums
* Fixed the annoying viewing modified tags bug
* Fixes a thread race issue where the wrong cd track would be played
* Potential hang on exit when playing cdrom or netstream
* Some bugs regarding loading and playing netstreams have been ironed out. there may be more (please report)
* Unloading a device that is playing no longer crashes
* Crossfader durations only displayed to two decimal places
* Previous button grace time set to 5 seconds, instead of 2
* Fixed bug with german symbols
* Fixed bug where freedb would look up the wrong amount of tracks, then give the user an error to rescan cd before ripping
* Freedb information is now carried over from cd player to cd ripper
* Clicking "now playing" when an audio cd is playing now displays the cdrom playlist
* Double click to now playing fixed. in addition, holding ctrl while double clicking will push it to the queue and play it
* Cleaned up some redundant and obselete checks in musikPlayer.cpp
* A potentially nasty bug that could cause musikCube to stop functioning correctly if a song that doesn't exist was attempted to be played
* Tunage works properly again
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