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Since my cpu is not that fast (amd k6-2 350) I disable the music so I can play with a good speed.
Is htere a way to play with the music and still be able to play with a good speed? Rpgs without music
are less interessting. :) I also have a ATI Rage 128 32m


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Try Null2's plugin v1.34 (NOT 1.35!!) with the following settings:
buffer length: 90
block: 5
All other options disabled.
And try to stay by 640x480 16bit in the video configuration (without offscreen drawing if possible)


Vince20100, you don't have to worry about setting the speed higher than 200. You can't since 200 is the highest it will go.;) You could try Pete's Midas plugin if Null's doesn't work for you. I use Pete's Midas plugin all the time and it works great for me.:)

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Hi dudes

I think that u should use pete s OGL or D3D (ati rage based chipsets are better w/ d3d...just give it a try)

Put the textures to r4g4b4
the caching type to dynamic or heavy caching (perhaps..)
no framebuffer (black)
640x480x16 bits
no advanced blending
offscreen drawing to standard
alpha multipass.......mmmm i dunno try on or try off
take null 1.34 plugin
disable the spu irq hack
just disable all the options in the plugin (but if u re playing a square rpg..check
the vag stream...)
put the sound frequency to 22050hz (it s just enough quality to play trust me..)
buffer lenght to 40 or 50, block to 2 or 3

it should do the work :D !!!!

so bye!

(hey ask me if there s a prob!)

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You may wanna try the core plugin. I have Chrono Cross and the Null & Peete's Drivers are absolutly aweful :confused: . The null studders (Try various Settingd Suggested) and skips while Petes can't synthesize the music correctly. i use the Core Plugin and it plays fine except for the occasional Studder. If anyone has extra suggestions I will accept them :) .

Radeon DDR
Sblive Mp3 5.1

ePSXe Core 1.2
Pete's Driver 1.7
Null 1.35

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the best thing to do would be upgrade.........really.. if you want to play Crono Cross or almost any other game on epsxe, you will have to get atleast a 700 or 800 megahertz cpu with a good video card...... I use to have a amd k6-2 533 and Crono Cross ran like 15 fps on the lowest possible settings..... way to slow, and frameskipping looks awful... A good 700 to 800 tbird is like 120 bucks today so, it don't cost much either.... Now I have a tbird 1 gig, and a voodoo 5 5500, and all my games fun at full speed.... with FSAA on or oFF........sweeeeeeeet!!
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