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i listen to bands like blind guardian, manowar, tristania (well thats basicly it, i'm pretty new at this) can you give me names of other bandx such as these? and i'm open to new thougnts :D
maybe a link with a sample MP3 will be great.

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Blind guardion is powermetal as far as I know,so check out:
dinges uhm,Kamelot are also worth checking out.

also if you dont already know them you MUST hear CHildren of bodom (they're simply amazing)

as for tristania,I dont really like that band much nor the music they make,but I can advise you Opeth since they are simply amazing too,the singer both uses deathmetal grunts and very very touching clean vocals and their best album in my view is Blackwater park,wich if I were you,you should DEFINITLY hear cuz its a perfect album.

Manowar is more uhm...anthem like heavy metal in my POV..other cool heavy metal bands are Dream Evil,Hammerfall and definitly Edguy

If you happen to start like melodic deathmetal btw then Arch-enemy,Dark tranquility and (old)In Flames is some very good melodic death from the Gothenburg scene.

So far for some very very very basic stuf,sadly enough I dont know a lot of heavy metal,im more into Death/black/doom

You can always try searching,its a very good site with reviews and mp3s

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Carnage, selection of music is extremely dark and disturbing.......I like that! :D I need to check this sh!t out! :D

r2rX :)

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Rhapsody is great. You can check out Nightwish also (albums Once and Wishmaster)
i like Testament but thats more Thrash Metal...
Symphony X is good. Like Carnage said, Children is awesome

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Holy sheet! There is hope in the world of music, alright, I'm just going to go through some of my cds...heh heh.....(if I repeat, I didn't try to take out anything so yeah) iron maiden (duh) Blind guardian, Edguy, Iced earth, Nightwish(must), Hammerfall, Dark tranquillity, in flames (r2r and lower), Warmen, children of bodom, Sinergy, Ensiferum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas priest (start with screwming for vengance cd), The scorpions, megadeth, Twilightning (quickly becoming one of my favorite bands), Dragonforce (fast!), UFO (old stuff), Symphoney X, Dark moor, Dream Evil, Death (takes a while to like, but great guitar work), Dimmu borgir (best black metal band IMO) , Elvenking (irish jig with metal anyone?), ark storm, Gamma ray, helloween, Gardenian, stratovarius, Iron fire (didn't really listen, but sounded OKAY....), freedom call, and more later....

here's more
Demons and wizards, For my pain, Metal church, Labyrinth (no, David bowie isn’t in this band…), Opeth, Queensryche, Widow, Wasp
and I forgot the site this help me find I'd say 40% of the bands I like...Don't expect to like everything though, This guy knows EVERY metal band....haha, almost anyhow

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Hey Carnage, you forgot some ;)

Like you said, Sonata Arctica is great, seen them live a month ago :D (laughs at Carnage :evil: )
Dragonforce is even faster: they don't call it Extreme Powermetal for nothing ;) These guys are great to see live as well ;)
Stratovarius is nice, but IMHO not as good as Sonata Arctica because sometimes his voice is just too high... And I prefer Sonata's lyrics over the ones of Stratovarius.
Dragonland ( ) is a very good band as well, check the site for samples. The Holy War album is one big fantasy story turned into great powermetal.
Avantasia: the metal opera part 1 / 2 ( )-> A metal opera by the hands of Tobias Sammet, the singer of Edguy. However, it's been done by some big names in the scene:
Henjo Richter (Gamma Ray, guitars) Markus Grosskopf (Helloween, bass) Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody, drums) Frank Tischer (keyboards) Norman Meiritz (Norman and Killerbums - hehehe) Jens Ludwig (Edguy, additional lead guitar) Tobias Sammet (Edguy, orchestrations and keyboards)
Part 1 is a true masterpiece, part 2 is not as good as the first one, but nevertheless a great album. The opening song 'The Seven Angels' of 15 minutes is one of the best metal songs I know.
Some darker stuff:
Stormlord ( ) They have songs for download, 'where my spirit forever shall be' is recommended.
GRAVEWORM ( ) One of my personal favorites, shame on carnage for not mentioning them. Also great to see live ^.^
Skyfire ( ) Very nice :D A bit less heavy than Graveworm and Stormlord, but the music rocks :guitar:

Have fun ;)

@ R2RX: I guess I'll have to show you 'the light' next summer ;)
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